Pam & Son Lose with Kimkins Jun 2nd

You'll be super motivated after you read Pam's touching story about her journey on Kimkins. Not only did Pam lose weight, but her son did, too! Her story starts, "When I got pregnant in 1990, I gained about 80 lbs and after my son was born, I tried everything to get back down to my normal weight. Nothing worked. Finally, in 2007 I heard about Kimkins ..."

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Laura Lost 131 Pounds! Apr 14th

Laura's success story is amazing! Morbidly obese she learned she needed a heart transplant but wouldn't qualify because of her obesity. She took charge of her life and lost 131 pounds with Kimkins! Laura shocked her doctors by reversing her heart condition and got off 13 medications. Did we mention this pretty gal is also a gourmet cook with an herb garden?

Kimkins Success Ursula Lost 54 Lbs

Mom Sheds 54 Lbs (Now Size 8)! Aug 27th

Ursula found her weight creeping up after moving to the US and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then she read about Kimkins in Woman's World magazine and discovered how to lose quickly AND reduce her appetite! Read about how her cholesterol improved, too!

Kimkins Success Story Patti

Patti Lost 74 Lbs! Aug 10th

Patti has had an extraordinary weight loss ride! As a filmmaker and screenwriter she's used to performance "nerves" and working under tight deadlines, but her weight was a true demon. With the help of support groups at Kimkins, her life coach and wonderful husband, Patti took back control and watched the pounds peel off. Read her inspiring story!

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Veronica Lost 39 Pounds! Jul 30th

Roni is one exceptional lady! Not only mom to 3 (including twins), but she's active in local charity events, too. Rumor has it she plays a mean game of golf and losing 41 lbs improved her swing! Her quote, "After eating myself silly through ’08 and looking at myself at the end of the holiday season with discontent, I knew it was time to change." tells it all.

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Rick Lost 90 Pounds With Kimkins! May 12th

"I was looking to get new information on Atkins and found Kimkins. I found that her plan made more sense to me than Atkins. My energy levels are greatly improved. I am more focused and need less sleep at night. I have gone from wearing a XXL t-shirt to a medium, a size 46 waist pants to a 34." See how Rick lost 90 lbs ...