Kimkins Mini Meal Menu

There’s lots of talk about “mini meals” and how it might help weight loss, but are you doing it correctly?  A sure fire way to a diet stall is eating 3 regular meals plus 2-3 “mini meals”.  At that point you’re simply eating extra calories.
Kimkins is a low fat low carb diet plan and we wanted to share how a sample “mini meal” menu might look.  This sample low carb menu totals 1,000 calories and 154 grams of protein:

Kimkins Mini Meal Menu.

Kimkins members often report a reduced appetite after 4-6 days of no cheating.  Mini meals are the perfect way to ensure healthy calories throughout the day.  There’s hundreds of way to design a similar menu with your choice of protein, veggies, salad and protein shakes (popular with our Lapband bariatric surgery friends).

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