Kraft Mio Water Flavoring Drops

Kraft Mio Water DropsKraft Foods, maker of Crystal Light and Kool-Aid, is coming out with it’s first brand new product in 15 years.
Introducing Kraft Mio 0 calorie 0 carb water flavoring drops in 6 delicious flavors: berry pomegranate, fruit punch, mango peach, peach tea, strawberry watermelon and sweet tea!  A few drops is all it takes!  Mio is on sale now in at your favorite local store for $3.99 to flavor 24 glasses of water.
Conceived at an employee brainstorming session, Mio is expected to be a huge hit with diabetics, dieters and fitness minded folks of all ages.  The packaging is a cute water drop shape to slip into your purse or pocket.  Ideal for use in restaurants, on the soccer field or at the movies.
You can buy Kraft Mio in many flavors online, at Walmart and your grocery store.

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