Mom Sheds 54 Lbs (Now Size 8)!

Kimkins Success Ursula Lost 54 LbsAge – 47
Height – 5’5″
Total Loss – 59 lbs
How Long – 7 months (54 lbs in 6 months)

I lost most of my weight (54 pounds) in less than 6 months. I maintained in December and then reached goal in January. I’m actually 2 pounds under my goal weight. I can’t believe that I made it and wear a size 8 now!

Buying a Women’s World magazine and finding Kimkins changed my life. We moved to the U.S. 14 years ago and I’ve been steadily gaining weight ever since. I tried so many diets like Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, etc. They worked for while but I wouldn’t even come close to goal before I couldn’t stick with them anymore.

I had no idea that carbs were the culprit. And I thought I knew everything about dieting. Boy, was I wrong. The biggest thing that I’ve learned is that when I control my carbs I control my appetite and my cravings — simple as that.
Weighing less has made me a lot more active. My husband and I work out 2-3 times a week, hike at least twice a week, go bowling, play pool and ping pong. I have so much energy. Not only do I weigh almost 60 pounds less, I also feel 20 years younger.
One more thing I have to share is that my LDL has dropped from 178 to 122 and my HDL increased from 52 to 78. My doctor is very happy with me.
The support here is fantastic and has helped me every day. Thanks to those who supported me on my weight loss journey and a great big thanks to Kimmer!!!

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