Kimkins Newsletter June 2010
Delaney Lost 131 Pounds! Deb Lost 144 Pounds!

  • Cheryl Lost 105 Pounds!

  • Diary of a Food Addict

  • How to Get a Flat Belly

  • Personalized Kids Books

  • Mike's Special Pasta & Cream

  •  Cheryl Lost 105 Pounds!

    Cheryl's Before & AfterAge:   39  (40 next month!) Height:   5' 9"
    Start Weight:  328 lbs
    Current Weight:  223 lbs
    Total Loss: 105 lbs
    Start Top:  26/28
    After Top:  Large
    Before Pants:  32
    After Pants:    14
    My struggles with my weight started when I reached puberty at 12 years old. I went from being a tall lanky girl to having curves and then steadily gained weight after that. I remember my Mom and my sister always being way smaller than me. I felt awkward and I always felt huge. I think my Mom tried to put me on every diet ...  (Read Cheryl's Story)

     Diary Of A Food Addict

    Food AddictionWhy do we sabotage ourselves on diets?  Kimkins member, Amy, is taking charge and finding out!
    With a history of losing and regaining on many diets, she's restarting her journey to a healthy weight with the help of a professional counselor.

    Read Amy's personal story of the sometimes painful steps to self-discovery.  (Read Amy's Story)

     Fitness Corner With Debbie

    Debbie Lost 83 Pounds!"How can I get a flat tummy and amazing abs?"

    This is a question I hear often during my fitness consultations, from acquaintances and even strangers who learn I'm a personal trainer. 
    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, if you want to lose body fat, especially that which encircles your midsection, you need to ...  (Read Debbie's Tips)

     Personalized Kids Books

    Brenda's Before & AfterBrenda's a real go-getter!  She peels off pounds with Kimkins,teaches kids with special needs and runs a personalized book business with hubby, Larry!
    Every child would love to be the star of their own story!  Brenda offers a variety of story books that are personalized with the child's name, home town and 3 of their best friends throughout each page. 
    Kids will love reading fun adventures personalized all about them! Order now for $1 off ...  (Get Info)

     Mike's Special Pasta & Cream

    Pasta & Cream SauceCalories: 196
    Carbs: 3 grams
    Protein: 10 grams
    Fat: 16 grams
    A clever teen and scant pantry created this yummy dish with 6 ingredients.  Miracle Noodles to the fast dinner rescue! 
    The subtle sweetness of cream and tomatoes are married with a touch of garlic.  Plus dinner's on the table in 15 minutes tops!  (View Full Recipe)

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