Pam & Son Lose with Kimkins

PamAge: 49
Started: Jan 6, 2009
Starting Weight: 173 lbs
Today’s Weight: 134 lbs
Final Goal: 125 lbs
Loss to Date: 39 lbs

When I got pregnant in 1990, I gained about 80 lbs and after my son was born, I tried everything to get back down to my normal weight. Nothing worked. Finally, in 2007 I heard about Kimkins. I lost about 15 or 20lbs. Then, some well meaning friends expressed their concerns about the Kimkins plan. So, I figured: “I got this great start with Kimkins, now I’ll just do something else until I reach my goal”. It didn’t work, I gained everything back plus 15 lbs.

During the 2 years that I was trying “something else”, my son’s weight ballooned to 375 lbs. When he saw my success with Kimkins, he decided to join me. He has lost around 55 lbs since March. He is motivated like never before!

Primarily, Kimkins works for me because of the way I eat on this plan. But I think I stick with it because of the unbelievable support. Early on, another Kimkim’s member, Vix, posted on my personal journal and invited me to the chat room. She and Pam (another member) helped me make adjustments to my menus, answered all my many questions, encouraged me to sign up with Fitday, to keep track of what I was eating, and made me laugh, a lot!

Something else that really helps me is reading other’s journals, I take away something useful from each one. In April, I joined a challenge and got even more help from Jen and Tracy. They want you to succeed and they help you do it. And what’s really amazing, some of these women have already reached their goal, they hang around to help us!

Words cannot express how much I appreciate Kimmer, not only for starting Kimkins, but for making it affordable. Kimkins is changing lives!

Stop Wishing. Start Losing.

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