What Is Kimkins?

Kimkins is a 100% online diet plan featuring the Kimkins low fat low carb approach for extra fast weight loss.  You will receive 5 low carb diets plus our Maintain Success plan.
Many people report losing up to 5% of their total body weight in the first 10 days!
First, you’ll pick your Kimkins diet plan, read the rules and  menu, check the approved foods list then print the handy shopping list. Grab tips from the Kimkins “How To” series and you’re in business to shed pounds quick!
Have a question or want to make new friends? Post your questions in our community forums!  You won’t meet friendlier folks than our Kimkins members!  While you’re at it, join 1 or 2 challenge groups for support and friendly competition.

Do I Need to Purchase Each Diet Separately?

No! All of these popular Kimkins plans are included in your LIFETIME membership fee for only $59.95.  Never pay another penny.  Ever!
Kimkins Classic:.. Our original low fat low carb weight loss plan with protein, veggies & dairy
Kimkins Boot Camp:..Same as Kimkins Classic but with portion control and FAST results
Meal Lovers  (K/E): ..An ultra low carb all protein option for veggie haters or a quick jump start
Shake It Off: ..Low carb protein shakes to make yourself or buy at the store
Flex 1-2-3: ..A 6 day rotation of our 3 fastest diets plus 1 day off (includes 1 day off)
Maintain Success: ..Our simple diet plan to maintain your weight loss success

Our diet plans are low carb and feature protein, low starch veggies, low fat dairy and minimal fats.  Bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, milk, fruit and other high carb foods are slowly added back when you’re near goal weight.

What Will I Eat?

The Kimkins focus is rapid weight loss.  We accomplish this goal with our low fat low carb method.  Meals consist of lean protein, low starch vegetables, low fat dairy and protein shakes you can purchase at the store or make at home with our recipes.  See sample recipes.
Starches, fruit and “whites” including pasta, rice, bread, grains, sugar, potatoes and flour may be added back in small amounts as you near your goal weight.

How Fast Will I Lose?

How quickly depends on your current weight, age, activity level and sex, but many Kimkins members drop 5% or more of their total body weight in the first 10 days!  Bernadette lost 135 pounds and her husband didn’t even recognize her when he returned from Iraq and Cheryl lost 105 pounds in 8 months!

Is Kimkins Good for Diabetics?

Yes! Our low fat low glycemic food choices allow many Kimkins members to reduce or eliminate their oral diabetes medications due to excellent blood sugar control. Remember to test blood sugar often and don’t stop or alter dosages without first consulting your doctor.

What About Lapband, Y-en-Roux Or Gastric Bypass Patients?

Kimkins is an ideal match! In fact, Kimkins is identical to the low fat low glycemic diets recommended after weight loss surgery including Lapband, Roux-en-Y or gastric sleeves.  Some people undergo stomach stapling, gastric bypass or Lapband procedures and eventually stall or regain. Old habits come back.  High calorie “easy to swallow” food takes over.
Many weight loss surgery patients find they need structure, community support and answers to their unique weight loss surgery diet questions including portions and pouch restrictions.  They’ve found a home at Kimkins with our 24/7 online support community plus their own WLS forum, Bandits Clubhouse where they can interact with other weight loss surgery members.
Our Boot Camp and Shake It Off weight loss plans are especially effective for our weight loss surgery members.  Portions and nutrition are similar to the diets prescribed by WLS physicians to follow after surgery or Lapband implant.

Will Kimkins Work for Men?

Absolutely and amazingly fast!   Due to faster metabolism and higher percentage of muscle mass men are especially successful with Kimkins. In fact, Robert lost 93 lbs, Rick lost 64 lbs, Tim lost 63 lbs and Scott lost an astounding 176 lbs!

Will I Need To Exercise With Kimkins?

Nope! Sure, cardio has lots of benefits like conditioning and strengthening your heart, but it does little for quick weight loss. If a 200 lb woman walked 2 miles she would only burn 175 calories.  At 3,500 calories per pound she’ll need 3 weeks to lose just 1 pound!
In fact, some people actually avoid starting a diet because they hate exercise!  With Kimkins it’s a no-brainer because you can still lose quickly and skip the sweating!
But if you like working out that’s great! You’ll find workout buddies in the Work Out Zone forum for Zumba, walking, P90X, yoga, new mommies and more!  Debbie Corey, RN, is a certified personal trainer and writes Fitness Corner in our free monthly newsletters.  She’s active in the Work Out Zone and has answers (or gets ‘em) for our Kimkins members!

I Still Have Questions

Great! Write to us at webmaster@kimkins.com and we’ll be glad to help. Sign up for our FREE newsletter featuring success stories, diet tips and delicious low carb recipes.
Stop wishing.  Start losing.  Join Kimkins today and get started!